Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

A good vehicle can be recognized by the quality and good shape of its tyres. If the tyres come across any problem, then it can put your life at risk that’s why it’s important to get a mobile tyre fitting every often to keep it safe and smooth. At Auto X Limited, we are aware of how important is to keep your car safe and convenient for driving to avoid any misfortune.

That’s why we offer one of the best and most reliable mobile tyre fitting services in Ashford bringing our highly skilled and professional technicians right to your doorstep. No matter where you are, whether at home, at your workplace, stuck in heavy traffic, or on the roadside with a defective tyre, our team will reach out to you in a flash and will fix or replace your tyre so you can fit the road and continue doing your daily chores.

You can always rely on us because our team is 24/7 working to make your day good and hassle free.

Why Choose Auto X Limited for Mobile Tyre Fitting?

There are many reasons to choose Auto X Limited for mobile tyre fitting services. because of our honesty and dedication, we are quite popular among people in Ashford. We always prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and convenience with our high quality services. here are 4 major reasons to choose Auto X Limited:


We are all about making things easy for you because your convenience is our priority. When you choose our mobile tyre fitting service, you don't have to change your schedule to manage to time or come to our garage. Our team will come to your doorstep and will fix your car at any time. just contact us and tell us where you want us to come and we will be there when it's convenient for you no matter what time or day it is.


We have a complete team of skilled and responsible technicians who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to fixing and replacing tyre of your vehicles. We have all the right tools and machinery available to fix all of your car's problems. Also, our technicians are highly trained and have all kinds of know how about their job to do it quickly and correctly. You can trust us to give your tyres the best shape and care so that you can drive smoothly and safely.

Wide Range of Tyres

Every car runs on its own type of tyres, that's why we have a huge collection of tyres available at Auto X Limited, from small cars to big ones like sedans, SUVs, and vans. Before changing the tyre, our team will do a complete analysis to check out what your vehicle needs and will come up with the perfect tyres for your car. It is based on how you prefer to drive your car and what you can afford.

Competitive Pricing

We at Auto X Limited, keep our prices competitive and upfront. All of our tyres are affordable and will give you a great bang for your money. We promise you won't regret getting service from our company and will keep coming back again and again. Also, you don't have to pay any additional charges like towing your car or getting it in our garage, all of these services are included in the total amount.

Whenever you come across any mobile tyre fitting problem, just know that Auto X Limited is always available to assist you. don’t let tyre trouble slow down or disturb your daily routine when you have us. Try our services now and give your car the elite treatment that it deserves. So give us a ring and schedule an appointment. Our technicians will handle your tyre needs no matter where you are in Ashford.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our mobile tyre fitting services are priced fairly without any additional or hidden charges. When you get our service, we will give a fair and clear quote that will cover the entire cost of your tyre fitting or repair.

It depends on the amount of work your car needs and where you are. But our experienced technicians are quick and focused and will do the job in very suitable hours without disturbing your whole day.

Yes, all of our tyre replacements or repair carried out by our professional technicians have a warranty. This warranty is to ensure your peace of mind and to build trust with our customers.

Yes, at Auto X Limited, we are all about making things convenient and hassle free for you. No matter where you are, at home, office, at a friend’s place, or stuck anywhere in Ashford, our team will get you quickly to take care of your tyre needs professionally.

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