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No problem—Auto X Limited is at your service. Car breakdown services that are quick and effective, available 24/7

Car Recovery 24/7

At Auto X Limited, we know pretty well that emergencies tend to crop up at their own timing, and more often than not, they just do so when least expected. That is why we never tire of saying we offer 24/7 emergency support, assuring every customer that we are just one call away at whatever the hour may be. Whether that happens in a situation of being stranded at the roadside through a simple breakdown, facing the aftermath of a crash, or simply needing emergency recovery, our dedicated team will bring all their skills to ensure that you receive the most effective support you need as quickly as possible. With us being available 24/7, be rest assured that you never do hit the road alone.

Accidents are a rather distressing involvement, and honestly, at such a time, the unnecessary hassle of vehicle recovery would be the last thing most people think about. We understand the urgency and the sensitivity of such issues at Auto X Limited. The accident car recoveries are therefore managed by professionals who guarantee the best care and efficiency to ensure your vehicle has been removed timely and safely from the scene. We offer a reliable accident car breakdown recovery service that aims at taking off the stress and inconvenience from you; hence, you are able to concentrate on what matters most.

Accident Car Recovery

Car Breakdown Recovery

A car breakdown is something that can come totally unexpected, and you find yourself stranded, not knowing what to do next. Whether it’s due to engine issues, flat tires, or electrical problems, Auto X Limited is here to help. Our car breakdown recovery service is tailor-made to rescue drivers on the spot from mechanical failure within no time, letting you get back on the road as soon as possible. Our speedy service and effective recovery process means that, with us, you can always keep disruptions to your daily schedule at a minimum and be up and going again in next to no time.

Few things are more frustrating than a dead battery when you are all ready to go. But with Auto X Limited’s jump start recovery service, there’s no need to panic. Not to mention simple roadside services such as jumping starts of vehicles, our experienced and fully trained staff are always ready and waiting to attend to you at your place duly equipped. We will even not have to tow it. We understand how crucial it would be to get back on the road soon, and that is the target of our jump start recovery service.

Jump Start Recovery

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Flat tires, for sure, are inconveniences that no driver would ever want to face, more so if it happens at peculiar times of the day and locations. That’s why Auto X Limited offers mobile tyre fitting services, bringing the workshop to you. We offer experienced and expert service that will replace your flat on the spot, saving you time and hassle of changing a spare. Mobile tyre fitting will help you hit the road again with minimal interruption of your day.

Fancy upgrading your vehicle? Auto X Limited offers a seamless part exchange service to make the process simple and hassle-free. It could be you are prepared to trade in your current vehicle for a newer model, or just looking for a change in ride, we are ready to help you every step of the way. We, therefore, understand the gravity that part exchanging your vehicle may hold and are customer-oriented, ensuring integrity and transparency in all transactions. Trust Auto X Limited to give you good value for your trade-in, leaving you with the peace of mind that you’ve got the best deal as you drive off in your new vehicle.

Part Exchange

Used Cars

Searching for quality used cars? Search no more because Auto X Limited carries an extensive and wide line of used cars. From trustworthy sedans to roomy SUVs, we present an immense variety of already checked and assured cars for any taste and purse. With this, we assure you that any used car you buy from our stock will meet our high quality and reliability standards. Whether it’s your first car or one more for the collection, at Auto X Limited, we have got you covered with a great selection of quality used cars. Furthermore, with great used cars extensively examined and reconditioned, definitely you would find the required car of yours within your provided budget.

Because peace of mind is priceless when purchasing a used vehicle. That is precisely why Auto X Limited offers extended warranties that provide more protection and coverage than the standard warranty period. Under an extended warranty from us, you get to drive with the confidence of having your car secured against sudden repairs and all the attendant costs that come with this. We aim at providing you with the assurance and support you need to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest long after the purchase. We provide our customers with warranties on all used car sales, with several duration available at cheap prices for peace of mind: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

Extended Warranties

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